We are delighted to premiere “GEA”, the brand new single by up-and-coming Spanish progressive metalcore group A Promise for you today. The band was previously known as A Promise To The Fallen but shortened it to coincide with the release of this single.

“GEA” starts out with a very melodic hardcore-driven vibe that comes off slightly resembling what bands like Napoleon do. But in comparison, A Promise‘s sound seems to be more organic, especially in the guitar tone. The overall vibe is very uplifting thanks to the little guitar solo and major chords. There are also little progressive aspects in a similar vein as Elitist‘s to be found in the melody work. The song’s mid section somehow detaches its beginning from the ending to follow. While “GEA” displayed a very energetic hardcore style to begin with, the band gets unexpectedly heavy in its ending section.

The last minute of “GEA” is basically a bunch of heavy breaks that even feature some mathcore-influenced tapping. This instantly reminded me of The Afterimage‘s early output, which is unquestionably no bad sign at all. This song definitely shows that A Promise know how to compose a good tune that stays interesting throughout. Them taking on a new guise feels like the start of something new, and this single is a good way to do so. “GEA” kicks right in and will amaze fans of the aforementioned bands.

Check out “GEA” below:

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