What happens when a band takes a hike with another band and have a good time? Why, they do it again but different! Last year we saw the release of Hikes album Mahal Kita which everyone over here definitely fell hard for. Well, now we, sort of, get another take on that because The Kraken Quartet is teaming up with Adobo – who is the guitarist and singer of Hikes – and dropping an EP on April 3!

The groups dropped a new single titled “Hold My Breath” which you can find below – you’re welcome! It has all of the signature mathy, percussion-y vibes you want coming from them. The track is lighthearted, fun, but most importantly, pretty dang good! There is something so damn soothing about a vibraphone being played in such smooth ways, and add to that additional layers of percussion, drumming, and some synths to create a good time for all. Make sure to support these fantastic people by preordering the EP Backdrop here.

Now that you’ve listen to and enjoyed – I’m making an assumption here – you’ll note that there are vocals in the song. This is where Adobo or Nay Wilkins comes in, as mentioned before this is a collaborative EP. The Kraken Quartet do their thing while Adobo adds in the wordy bits and the larynx pipes. If “Hold My Breath” is any indication for what’s to come, then I will definitely be holding mine and be waiting excitedly for the EP to drop.

As always, follow all of these fine folks at the internet rest stops you normally frequent: The Kraken Quartet‘s Facebook, Adobo‘s Facebook, and Bandcamp.

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