The gods of noise worship, Sunn O))), like to keep themselves busy. Two albums in one year? Why, thank you very much!

It is claimed that Pyroclasts is ‘inextricably woven‘ to last April’s Life Metal. In a literal sense, this means that the tracks recorded for this album exist on the same tape reel of its predecessor. For a not so literal sense, it might be best to go to the description published on their web page and gather meaning in your own good time. Part of the fun of a Sunn O))) album is the cryptic motives behind it.

From what they tell us, I gather this much: their musical thought process changes with every album. In this case, it seems that the mindset which birthed Life Metal was rich enough to also give us Pyroclasts – hence the extra description of it being a ‘sister‘ or ‘shadow‘ album. We only have to wait less than a month for it. In the meantime, here is the opening track, “Frost (C)”.

“Frost (C)” appears to inhabit the more traditional body of Sunn O)))‘s sound. The distortion and resulting reverberation is refined and, I might also say, subtle. Besides the odd bout of melody and eerie vocals, the same could also be said of Life Metal. It is however, only the first track, and as all faithful disciples of Sunn O))) will tell you, a great deal can happen in the space of four songs. Titles are as follows:

  1. Frost (C)
  2. Kingdoms (G)
  3. Ampliphædies (E)
  4. Ascension (A)

Pryoclasts is due for release October 25, 2019 via Southern Lord. You can pre-order the album in vinyl form here, and a special edition Bandcamp vinyl here. For all other music, check out their Spotify, and visit their Facebook and website for news and info.

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