Swedish tech-death veterans Soreption have come forth with a new video and a date, August 3. What this date is for, you ask? It’s the release date for their new record Monument Of The End! The video already gives us insight into the new record in the form of a song called “Children Of The Automaton” which is part of this upcoming colossus. Monument Of The End will be released via Sumerian Records.

“Children Of The Automaton” starts with a hectic yet very precise onslaught of riffs. The dissonance and sharp texture of the melodies pierce the listener’s ears, while the drum tries to bind all of these elements into a more organized structure. Vocals-wise, we are moving in well known tech-death territory here, with fry screams bearing the most important role along the occasional growls. A good balance between the straight, mathy compositions and swinging drum beats that give you incentive to bang your head makes this track a classic Soreption song.

The video itself is about the dangers of A.I. and the growth of automation, a tragic Frankenstein-esque tale with light nods to Terminator. The viewer sees everything through the eyes of the machine that is created in this video and witnesses in a twist how the creator himself becomes a creation. Check it out below:

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