Rikard Sjöblom, formerly of Beardfish, has got a Gungfly now. What is a Gungfly? Besides ‘fun to say‘, I couldn’t tell ya. But now Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly has a new lyric video for the lead single off of their new album, Friendship. Check it out below, and tell me it doesn’t sound like what might play during a montage of Opeth splashing around on summer vacation:

It’s nice, right? Says Sjöblom of the song:

”A song that really just came to me all at once while I was strumming away on my guitar one day, lyrics and all. I kept singing ‘I don’t want no part in this’ over and over at first and then started thinking about what it was I didn’t want to partake in. Well, vanity is something I’ve never been a big fan of but one way or another we’re all slaves to it. I think most people, especially teenagers and young adults strive to live up to unrealistic expectations from TV-commercials or the superficial parts of showbiz. I remember when I was a kid and thought everything they said on TV was true, or at least didn’t reflect too much about whether it was real or not. No matter how much we try to not care about how cool or pretty or rich we are, I think it gets to us. The ghost of vanity is always present and I guess it takes a lot of reflecting over your own identity and a lot of courage to try to be yourself. I admire those who truly are.”

Friendship will be available on November 9 from Inside Out Records. You can get all the latest Gungfly news via the band’s Facebook, Instagram and official website.



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