Just the other day, I was thinking about how I was in the mood for something new and immersive in electronic music. It seems the universe delivered, in form of the release of UK-based experimental/electronic musician Lapalux’s new single titled “Limb To Limb”. Featuring vocalist Lilia, the song comes off his fourth studio album Amnioverse, set for release on November 8. You can listen to it below:

“Limb To Limb” made me a happy man, delivering on everything I hoped to hear from Lapalux. It’s characterized by a tone that’s simultaneously serene and hallucinogenic, while suggesting that it’s merely one thread in the broader weave of electronic alchemy that makes up the album. The sound design immediately stands out, with percussion so textured you can practically feel it with your fingers. Meanwhile, Lilia’s voice floats back, forth, and around the different elements, before a layered climax concludes the song with retro blips and beeps that are comforting in their nostalgic presence.

The press release delves further into what to expect from the album, expanding on the conceptual elements behind it:

He [Lapalux] channels these ethereal ideas through a new and ever-expanding modular synth set-up, injecting human emotion, and layering recordings of weather, wind, rain and fire, lending an elemental, celestial feel to the composition. While 2017’s Ruinism was about sonic wreckage and deconstruction, with Amnioverse, Howard took a different approach, basing each track around a snippet of spoken word from ‘friends, lovers, and ex partners’, and building the music around it.

It’s evident that many brilliant ideas and production techniques went into the making of the record, and I look forward to experiencing it in full when it drops in a few weeks. In the meantime, I highly recommend Lapalux’s back catalogue if you aren’t familiar with it already. Be sure to check him out on Bandcamp, and to keep tabs on his Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates. Amnioverse will be available in a wide range of formats including a stylized deluxe vinyl (including a 28-page art booklet), CD, and digital.

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