I like my metal how I like my meat cooked- low and slow. That being said, this is an album announcement I am incredibly excited for! The epic doom act Crypt Sermon have officially announced the follow-up to their killer 2015 debut Out of the Garden. While they were featured on the 2016 anthology Masters of Metal: Vol. 1, this marks their first individual foray back into the wilds in four years.

If you are much like myself and have been craving something new the last couple years, wondering where Crypt Sermon were hiding, today will turn into a great one for you. With their new single “Key of Solomon”, they pick right up where they left off, with epic guitar riffs and vocals showing the perfect traces of the heavy metal gods that spawned doom metal.


The Ruins of Fading Light, the sophomore effort of Crypt Sermon, will release on September 13, 2019 through Dark Descent Records.

Crypt Sermon offered up an explanation for the meaning behind this first single, keeping that air of mysticism and the occult and their ties to religion alive that rocked Out of the Garden

We live in a time where the practices of science and magic serve distinctly different purposes. This was not always the case. The Italian Renaissance was an age where science and magic intertwined; summoning rituals connected exorcists to esoteric revelations. ‘Key of Solomon’ refers to a pseudopigraphical text of the same name.

“Key of Solomon” is just under six minutes of some of my favorite doom metal this year. There is a heavy focus on the guitar melody, with the song beginning with both guitars harmonizing on the riff. The instruments taper off into the verse, letting the vocals really push themselves outward, soaring over the mix. The intro melody comes back through the chorus, lending to the epicness.

The part of “Key of Solomon” that shines the most is the solo that kicks off in the back half of the song. It’s easily one of the best of the year for me, spinning up with a deft flourish momentarily. Overall, it’s just a great track and more than enough to get excited for what is sure to be another great album from Crypt Sermon. Be sure to follow the band on Facebook for more updates and hopefully singles to come. Pre-orders for The Ruins of Fading Light go up on July 7th, so be sure to also keep an eye on Dark Descent‘s Facebook page for links to that.

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