Despite (supposedly) being the happiest country in the world, Finland sure brings forth more than its fair share of dark and brooding music. From devastating metal to soul-shattering noise, the Nordic nation has produced some harrowing entries into the musical pantheon over the years. Now, we’re not here to dampen your spirits too much today – we’re just gonna dabble in some ominous ambience together.

[ówt krì] is the artist moniker of Helsinki-based sound architect Kenneth Kovasin, who has used this outlet of his since 2005 to bring us two dozen releases straddling the narrow overlap between drone, ambient, modern classical, and doom jazz. The word ‘cinematic’ gets thrown around like a goddamn tennis ball in a dog park, but believe me when I say that Kovasin’s latest truly sets a film-worthy mood.

The Mountain is a vast expanse of sound, a monolith waiting to be conquered by those brave enough to withstand its trials. Due out on Friday, May 24, via Signature Dark, we are happy to have the exclusive early premiere for the full album! Enter the realms of [ówt krì] (the phonetic spelling of outcry) at your own peril…

Lofty valleys and brazen peaks where every minute shift becomes seismic – that’s the dynamic you have to prepare for should you endeavor to scale the heights presenting themselves before you. From frozen, lightless landscapes to intimidating, looming forests, this musical ecosystem has a way to lure, entice, and haunt a listener.

See, weary traveller, [ówt krì] has prepared for you a cast of guides and apparitions. A mountain seldom comes alone, after all. On “Moonlight Ceremony”, Pigments walks beside you, silent, watchful. Off-World Moments wafts around you like a dancing mist on “Surrender and Allow”; whether mockingly or cheerfully is up to you. “A Desolated Land” boasts the beckoning trumpet of Seth Madison, calling you deeper into strange terrain. Finally, Sonja Peuhkurinen announces the end of your journey with ethereal flute melodies. A most welcoming cast of fellow travellers, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether you have toppled the proud summit or returned to base camp, weary, exhausted, I’m fairly sure the journey was worth the test of your endurance. As I mentioned earlier, The Mountain will be out this Friday, May 24 – you can purchase it over at Signature Dark‘s Bandcamp. Many thanks to [ówt krì] for entrusting us with this precious snapshot. Be sure to check out his own Bandcamp and Youtube profiles for more if the above was to your liking!

Dominik Böhmer

Dominik Böhmer

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