We might not have had a new Alabama Shakes album in what feels like forever now, but singer Brittany Howard has kept herself busy in the time leading to that by trying her hand at a solo release. If you haven’t listened to her new album Jaime yet, what are you even doing with your year? Her voice remains at the top of the world and her new album sits shoulder to shoulder with any of the other notable releases of 2019. It’s a funky and soulful ride, very similar to her main work in Alabama Shakes but with more of a pop orientation.

Jaime is a great listen, and if you live in the US and agree with that statement, then you’re in luck- Howard will be taking her new album on the road for a string of dates across the country. Beginning in the middle of March and stretching through April with a small break partway through, this show will warm you up more inside than the approaching Spring that time of the year. The dates are selective and she is bouncing around, visiting many parts of the country on this run. The dates follow, and if you’re close enough to make one you seriously should!

3/17- Santa Rosa, CA
3/18- Santa Barbara, CA
3/20- Anaheim, CA
3/21- Phoenix, AZ
3/22- Albequerque, NM
3/24- San Antonio, TX
3/26- Dallas, TX

3/27- Austin, TX
3/28- Houston, TX
4/17- Charlottesville, VA
4/18- Charlotte, NC
4/21- St. Petersburg, FL
4/22- Orlando, FL
4/23- Jacksonville, FL
4/28- Birmingham, AL

Are you going to make your way to one of these shows? If so, I’m jealous! This is sure to be a fun one, so make your way to one if you’re lucky enough to live close. Be sure to keep up with Howard on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more news.

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