Torus is a stoner rock power-trio making waves from the UK. Their debut EP, Sail, is a great dopamine kick to the eardrums.

Release date: July 22, 2022 | Independent | Bandcamp | Instagram

Charming hooks and Grohl-ish tenor? Check. Bangin’ rhythm section that knows when to drive and when to stop? Check. Wicked hot riffage responsible for the proud expression on Billy Corgan’s face as he sees the torch carried forward in 2022? Check. Torus is doing a great multitude of things right on Sail.

The EP features four tracks, each one as memorable as the next one. The title track, “Sail”, kicks things off with its harmonics-laden riffs, booming drums, and mind-infesting hook as vocalist Alfie Glass sings: ‘One step down/You won’t stop lying/You won’t stop lying/You won’t stop lying/You won’t stop lying.‘ It’s a fantastic ride start-to-finish!

Then, “Did It Again” showcases Glass’s candy-coated falsetto. Think Josh Homme singing for an instrumental from the harder side of The Comas‘ repertoire. It’s got a real driving groove, but expect the unexpected. There’s something about the fake ending after the second chorus, and kooky drums leading back in that makes it real hard to keep your head from bobbing. The song is just super catchy and fun. Not unlike its music video, in which the band cruises a drop-top Mercedes-Benz around Buckinghamshire until a roller-skater lasso’s his way into the trunk and the old truck blows up.

Before the EP gets too zany, the guys reel it back a notch with “Clone”. It hits you in the feels with its somber guitar intro, then it hits you again in the gut with its Quicksand groove in the verses. Walter Schreifels would be proud. The song also delivers an epic chorus, and an even more epic guitar solo. I might say the solos feel a bit predictable at this point if they weren’t so damn enjoyable. This guy can play!

There’s no way Torus is gonna drop the ball on the closing track either. “Hurt You” serves up a groove as bouncy as it is addictive, and some of the best riffs on the whole release. After an intermission of feedback, the bridge breaks in with a monster riff as Glass repeats ‘they really hurt you‘. It’s sick.

Sail is pretty air-tight and it makes me excited to see what these guys are gonna do on future (and hopefully full-length) releases! They’ve certainly got momentum on their side. Torus will be hitting the road with Aberdeen alt punkers Cold Years this October. So if you’re reading the from the UK, definitely check out the tour dates.

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