Premiering music is probably my favorite thing to do here at Everything Is Noise. I have a blast with every single one, and some of them have been ways for me to connect with music I’ve missed or may not have looked for on my own. Getting to premiere this new Warmrain video is most certainly one of those situations. I missed their new album Back Above The Clouds entirely, which the track “Running Out Of Time” is from. Well, needless to say I’m going back and listening to the full release as soon as I’m done writing, because this mesmerizing lyric video has me sold for sure.

Releasing back at the end of June, Back Above The Clouds was the long-awaited full-length from Warmrain, following up their well-received EP Absent Friends which came out back in 2011. The band was hard at work for a long time to carefully craft what they wanted to be a quiet, pensive, and intensely personal double album that any and everyone can relate to, says conceiver Leon J Russell. ‘As human beings, we all share in the universal experience of heart-breaking loss, and during the after-effects we have to discover coping mechanisms that will give us the strength to rebuild ourselves and our lives.

“Running Out Of Time” is one sliver of a look at that whole picture, but it’s a powerful enough piece on its own that it definitely swayed me emotionally and made me eager to seek out the rest of this album. Hinging the focus on a soft and somber acoustic melody, the timbre of the warm vocals falling like a blanket over the mix. Gentle bass notes give a pleasant rhythm, with incredibly quiet drums sitting in the back of the mix to great effect. There is a steady click, like the ticking of a clock that persists longer than any one sound in this track that I think really gives it the perception of time slipping away one second at a time. At a couple of moments, there is a bit of Pink Floyd to the vocals and arrangements, but it is always a flourish and never an entertained guest.

It’s a rather simple track, but a great example of small effects having a big impact. Sometimes you don’t need to deviate from the basics too far or feature superfluous passages to create a really thoughtful piece of music. “Running Out Of Time” isn’t actively engaging in the sense that you pick apart every meter or get blown away by every riff. It will arrest you with its rudimentary beauty and the casual drift of emotions that surround it. The newly accompanying video is very nice also. Much like the track, it isn’t too bold and accentuates the sweet song with slowly turning gears and trippy winding staircases to nowhere. As someone who usually is frustrated by lyric videos being too busy, this is a great one.

Be sure to check out the rest of Warmrain‘s new album Back Above The Clouds which you can find on any streaming site or better yet purchase here. You can find the band on their official site, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There are plenty of avenues to take to find more, so be sure to do so!

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