Americana music has the distinct ability to teleport the listener to an entirely different place. While the genre tends to incorporate plenty of different forms of roots music, it often manages to evoke interesting feelings of nostalgia that can point back to a certain time period of American history. It encapsulates the emptiness and wonder of the wide grassy plains and deserts found in parts of America (and also fits in nicely as the theme song for plenty of true-crime TV shows and podcasts). Even today, artists like INEZ have found ways to make a genre based on early American music sound fresh.

The fascinating part about INEZ is her ability to write and perform alluring music that captures the Americana spirit without actually being from America. The Switzerland-born singer and songwriter has a better grasp on the wistful genre than many other artists in the field today. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that she recorded her third album, NOW, in Tucson, Arizona, which is instantly evident in the music she writes. Today, Everything Is Noise is pleased to premiere the music video for her evocative song, “In a Minute”!

The track and music video go hand in hand to fit the theme of the Americana attitude. The sepia coloring and barren soundscapes fit the mood perfectly, but the song never feels empty or weak. In addition, the video is made even more interesting by featuring incredibly effective cinematography that is both haunting and engaging. The visuals do a fantastic job of moving the narrative along, and the instrumentals fit perfectly with the expected natural country vibe. The softer verses are met with larger and fuller choruses, which allow for a dynamic shift that moves the song in the best way. To me, it represents Americana in the most flattering way possible, leaving behind a total package that is enjoyable and memorable.

If you dig what you see and hear, make sure to check out the rest of INEZ‘s most recent full-length album on Bandcamp. To keep up to date with new music, shows, and more videos, check out her website and follow her on Facebook. It’s exciting that Americana is alive and well in the United States, but it’s even more thrilling that it is influencing musicians around the globe. INEZ is a great example of how effective incorporating different cultural influences into music can be, and I’m excited to see what else she can come up with.

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