There is nothing wrong with settling into music whose purpose is to simply wash over you like a blissful wave every once in a while. This active, borderline subconscious quest for bands and artists that challenge conventions and favor the experimental can get exhausting and rather stale after a while – there is a point in time where one must stop, catch a breath, and let loose; there’s no way around that. Luckily, there is no shortage of damn good music, and as such Everything Is Noise is thrilled to premiere “Transcend”, Swedish outfit Știu Nu Știu’s newest single and teaser to the band’s fourth upcoming record New Sun, to be released on July 1st through Heavy Psych Sounds.

As the dark yet soaring guitar riff made its way within the first few seconds, I had already made up my mind that this song was going to be fantastic. Living up to its name, “Transcend” is quite a journey from beginning to end, elegantly blooming into a wonderful kaleidoscope, illustrating shades and hues of psych, doom, and post-punk that coalesce together into this uncanny, yet wonderful aural concoction. Nothing feels disjointed nor bloated here – every element on this track falls into place in an effortless manner.

The vocals further add a sense of mysticism to the track that instantly captivates you akin to an enchantment. Conversely, there is also a grungy undertone to the timbre that grounds the song and makes you appreciate the fantastic songwriting going on behind it, whether it is the punch of the drums and the girth of the bass tone to the atmospheric guitar leads that emit a sense of smoothness that is satisfying as much as it is entrancing. The addition of piano by the end of the track certainly elevates the overall esoteric feel to it, rounding it all into a sonic expression of otherworldly beauty.

Hey! If you found yourself gravitating towards this sound, do visit Știu Nu Știu’s Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp sites to stay tuned for more information on New Sun, to be released on July 1st. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall give a listen to the rest of the band’s discography – indeed, consider me spellbound.

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