As we approach the end of the year, the ‘high-profile’ releases start to wind down for the most part, but there is still quality content being released that is arguably much better than said high-profile releases. You are probably familiar with the feeling of having ‘random’ releases coming out of nowhere and leaving you in complete awe; this time of the year is where you definitely need to stay on the hunt for those. One such hidden gem is The Spice Cabinet and Everything Is Noise couldn’t be happier to premiere their new album, The Adventures of Pie Boy.

If you’re in the mood for some incredibly out-of-the-box, charming tunes that aren’t afraid to break down musical and cultural barriers, then The Adventures of Pie Boy is exactly what the doctor ordered. The Spice Cabinet is a clever group name, as the ten highly esteemed members all come from different musical and cultural backgrounds to create this musical amalgam that knows no boundaries. As any spice cabinet in a kitchen would store many different herbs and spices to be used in combination to create flavorful dishes, The Spice Cabinet comes together to effortlessly blend jazz/fusion, R&B, modern pop, rock, and classical influences into a magical journey that would leave you salivating if it actually was food.

As depicted on the album artwork, the cartoon fight cloud that includes all the various instruments/characters is a perfect representation of what to expect from The Adventures of Pie Boy. It is a playful, cohesive ‘battle’ between the ten-piece ensemble to create such an invigorating and vibrant musical experience. All those stylistic and cultural influences really come together naturally into this exhilarating record. This album is meant to be a collection of compositions that take you through the childhood of founding member, Terry Hsieh, who is from Beijing, China. His cultural influence bleeds into the music here and that makes it so much more captivating.

There are plenty of moments of serene smooth jazz that are coupled with energetic and bouncy rock/electronic-tinged parts. Tracks like “Dali Girl” and “Bittersweet” show you more of that calming jazz-vibe whereas others like “Stick it to ya” and “Sugoi Smash” are so eclectic and daring with how they allow for different musical styles to come together and blow your mind. There is never a dull moment on The Adventures of Pie Boy as it is enthralling from the second it starts, until when the final note rings out.

The Spice Cabinet is an ensemble that deserves much more attention on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages, so give them some love! The Adventures of Pie Boy releases on December 15. If you want some more information regarding the ensemble themselves and regarding their music, check out their website as there is plenty of cool stuff there about the group you don’t want to miss out on!

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