Are you in the mood to discover something great? We strive to share the best new music with you here at Everything Is Noise and we’ve got a new song from a band that should be on your radar. The Entrepreneurs hail from Copenhagen and mix together a potent brew of post-rock, garage rock, and grunge in their new song, “Heroine”, from their forthcoming LP, Noise & Romance. We have a video of a live performance of the new song in quite the dark setting, click play now!

The slow burn opening shows off some fantastic tone, movements, and pacing. Once the vocals come in the song really takes off with a stellar performance of the songs swelling melodies. Lead singer of The Entrepreneurs, Mathias Bertelsen, had this to say about the song:

‘With this track coming together we really felt like we hit the nerve of what we wanted our album to sound like. It was a first time for us creating a long intro like this and the way it came together put a new perspective on all our recordings going forward. It’s about addiction in the way of being addicted to a woman – seeing her as a heroine totally blind to her flaws and errors’.

In addition to the live performance, we also have a stream of the studio version as well, check it below if you’d like as there are some differences between the two!

Noise & Romance will be out early next year through TambouRhinoceros and is already available to pre-order through Bandcamp. Be sure to follow the band over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with their goings-on and more news about their new record!

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