Go away, mom, I’m dissociating.

I’m sure some of you have engaged in what my generation refers to as dissociating: unshackling the rusty binds that fasten one’s grip on reality in search of sweet release from life’s stresses. Or, if you prefer, zoning out hella. If you’re scratching your head, close your eyes and try to imagine the exact opposite of a Pinterest vision board; if that doesn’t do the trick, think of hypnotherapy, except better.

Impeccably crafted analogies now digested, take heed, fellow dimension traveler! Bristol-based duo The Actions indulge listeners’ escapist tendencies on their February release Flourish. This debut record’s dark, meticulously woven atmospheres and sensuous vocals pay direct homage to perennial favorites Portishead and slowcore stalwarts Low, and the sheer cinema of the LP’s compositions owes a small debt to electronic music pioneer and literal deity Vangelis. Those looking to tune in and tune out can give up their quest with Flourish, with the assurance that the record’s gradual shift to lighter soundscapes should make it much easier to resurface into reality when the sojourn is complete.

Required viewing for interested dissociators is the new video for “Buoyant”. A shirtless dancer holds court over a dusty, poorly lit hallway, at one point directing their piercing gaze to the camera as they inch closer, fingers rippling menacingly. Their stark, pained expressions and undulating, artificially slowed movements are a touch unsettling, yet it’s difficult to pry your eyes away. This ominous visual sequence provides a tense backdrop for Marta Argenio’s murmured croons and Mo Stellato’s gloomy electronics, allowing the listener to slink easily out of reality’s clutches into the welcoming arms of The Actions.

The artists had the following to say about the video:

‘Buoyant’ is about those moments in life you find sweet comfort in solitude.
Even if for a very fleeting moment, you seem to have the whole world within you and don’t need to worry about anyone and anything. 
It’s like a short peaceful pause between two wars. Something you owe to yourself.
You like to swim in the placid lake of yourself even if you perceive there is a dark abyss beneath you.’

If you’re ready to book your trip far, far away from this world’s various inequities, injustices, failures, and tragedies otherwise categorized (or if you’re in a good mood and happen to have a liking for tasteful dark electronic pop), you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable companion. Set sail for otherworldly pastures today with The Actions and new album Flourish, out right now and available on Bandcamp via Niteo Records. You can also track them down at their website, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Xander A.T. Paul

Xander A.T. Paul

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