Embarking on a soul-stirring journey through the realms of musical expression, “Long Black Train” emerges as the fourth enchanting single from the masterpiece that is Long Walks in the Dark. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this musical opus belongs to the visionary Italian artist, composer, and singer, Gianluca Maria Sorace, AKA Stella Burns. We at Everything Is Noise are happy to bring you the brand new video for this track which showcases a fascinating visual style that serves to only enhance the already deep atmosphere of the song itself.

The creation of Long Walks in the Dark was no fleeting endeavor. It’s a poetic sojourn through the labyrinth of numerous sorrows that left indelible imprints on Stella Burns‘ artistic soul. But enough words for now, check out the video and see for yourself.

“Long Black Train” weaves a dreamlike tapestry where the foreboding sense of an impending negative event mingles with the hopeful anticipation of a savior for the protagonist. Delving into a lyrical landscape rich in biblical undertones (symbolized by the fisherman and the fish) and Dantean echoes (evoked through the rain and lava), the song pays homage to a venerable tradition of long black trains within the realms of country and blues.

The song’s affiliation with these genres echoes not only in its thematic elements but also resonates in its instrumental arrangement. Acoustic guitars, slides, and fiddles converge to create a melodic journey that unfolds as an intimate confession, capturing the measured steps of Stella Burns at the outset as he steadies himself before giving voice to his poignant melody.

In the accompanying video, the animations, while not didactic to the lyrics, harmoniously align with the essence of dreaming. The protagonist, as the song commences, opens his eyes to a dream of awakening, only to find himself immobilized in a fantastical realm that seeks to unsettle and pull him into the night. As the video draws to a close, with the protagonist closing his eyes, he retreats to a slumber untouched by intrusions. The video’s artistry is brought to life through the skillful stop-motion animation by Sara Cimarosti, artfully edited by the collaborative efforts of Stella Burns and Sara Cimarosti—a couple not only in life but sometimes in their creative endeavors.

You can get your own copy of Long Walks in the Dark here and be sure to follow Stella Burns on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the artist’s updates and new music.

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