Welcome to the first episode of THE NOISE OF in 2024 about the last month in 2023 – damn, confusing. December 2023 is always a weird month for music releases. Most of the big players shy away from that time because usually it gets you automatically snubbed from AOTY list (well, at least from those who release in November, which is super silly to begin with) and it’s usually the time where releases get overlooked. Still, there are cool albums to be found, and what would be a better place to gather them all than this lovely installment. To the noise!

Ghost Marrow – earth + death

December 1 // The Garrote

Aurielle Zeitler, the artist behind Ghost Marrow, already played with super interesting bands and artists, like Chelsea Wolfe or Giant Squid, but it’s her solo work which really, really got to me. earth + death is breathtakingly beautiful and elegantly haunting, and I got lost in those dense soundscapes more than once.

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Ni – Fol Naïs

December 1 // Dur Et Doux

As part of the Dur Et Doux cosmos, Ni are an insanely fascinating bands, and to get new CHROMB!, new Poil and new Ni only a few days apart was a real treat. Fol Na​ï​s is another great addition to Ni‘s catalog, and if you like avantgard-y prog, you can’t miss it.

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Full Of Hell & Nothing – When No Birds Sang

December 1 // Closed Casket Activities

A collaboration I never thought I needed in my life. I’m not the biggest fan of Full of Hell, and the last Nothing album which really did something to me was Tired of Tomorrow – nevertheless, this collab brought out the best of both bands in my books, and I’m thankful that this album made our AOTY list in the end.

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Othiel – We Will Be Our Home

December 1 // Zegema Beach Records

I loved skramz this year, naturally – but I didn’t expect to get one of my favorite releases in the genre so late in the year. With each listen I gave Othiel, it grew more and more on me, up to the point where I knew exactly that there was no other skramz album this year quite like it. If you have any sweet spot for the genre, this is a must listen.

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Carrion Spring – how it all falls away petal by petal

December 6 // Tomb Trees Tapes

And another skramz highlight. It obviously never stops, and I’m here for it. Carrion Spring bring a lot of versatility and dynamic to the table, some of it might surprise you. All in all, this is a fucking joyride from start to finish.


iu takahashi – Sense / Margin

December 14 // laaps

We need more ambient with vocals! Vocals (no sampling) are a rare element within ambient, but if it’s treated delicately, it’s always a beautiful addition. iu takahashi provided a wonderfully produced and arranged album, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.


Elephant Gym – World

December 14 // Topshelf Records

Always fun, always a joy – when Elephant Gym enters the stage, there is always something to be happy about. World is their most ambitious album to date, full of surprises and twists and turns – don’t miss this!

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øjeRum– Your Soft Absence

December 15 // Room40

A super interesting project, I always appreciated øjeRum‘s material, and Your Soft Absence is no exception. Three songs, but over 45 minutes long – this is my stuff. Really delicate ambient music for everyone who appreciates the genre.


Ambrose Akinmusire – Owl Song

December 15 // Nonesuch Records

When a fantastic artist like Ambrose Akinmusire teams up with the likes of Bill Frisell and Herlin Riley, there are not questions that it’s gonna be great. As one of the jazz highlights of 2023, I’m a bit sad that the release date is one reason that this album didn’t get the recognition it deserves. It’s a phenomenal jazz album, and you should listen to it.

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Bersarin Quartett – Systeme

December 15 // Denovali

And once again – ambient! A different mood than other entries on this list, German outfit Bersarin Quartett dabbles with looming walls of noise, tense harmonies, and a tight grip. The way they play with the balance of relaxing ambience and unnerving noise makes Systeme so damn interesting.

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Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – The Fractal Ouroboros

December 22 // Fiadh Productions

Occult and gritty black metal, this is a slow burner. Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze made quite a name of themselves for their unique blend of aforementioned black metal and doom – with The Fractal Ouroboros, the band shows their relevance to underground metal, while being relevant and vocal about the things they stand for. Only love for them!

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shedfromthebody – Amare

December 22 // Independent

We were always big fans of shedfromthebody‘s material and praised her work in the past, and this praise continues with Amare. This stuff just vibes heavily. Everything clicks together, it just flows. Doomgaze at its best. Criminally overlooked and underrated.

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