Anxiety is an invisible demon that follows many more of us than we may think. We may present ourselves as confident and collected, but there is often an inner monologue that causes feelings of extreme nervousness and tension. This feeling doesn’t necessarily need to be triggered by a fight-or-flight response and there are certainly moments where we feel like our worries are irrational or unimportant to others. Although it can be difficult to reach out for help, music is commonly the solution to revealing our true feelings to the world.

SOBI is an artist who manages to gracefully bridge the effectiveness of songwriting and the magic of relatability and realism. Her style of singing and songwriting is relaxing, but additionally allows the listener to be sympathetic to the emotions she presents in her music. Her most recent EP titled Home One Day was released back in February, and all five tracks are gorgeously vulnerable and personal. Today, Everything Is Noise is pleased to premiere the brand new music video for SOBI‘s song “Pull It Together”!

“Pull It Together” is an amazing anthem for people struggling with anxiety. The track deals with the difficulty of opening up to others about negative feelings and speaks a lot about the internal struggle of seeking help. The video captures the feelings of being pulled in different directions while also feeling alone and hopeless. Although the song takes on a darker tone, the laid-back nature in the music is therapeutic and feels warm and inviting. SOBI has a knack for creating catchy melodic content. While the song reminds me of some other indie-pop artists, it has a charming uniqueness that I thoroughly enjoy. As the track builds from vocals and guitar, the emotions culminate in an explosive bridge. “Pull It Together” perfectly sums up how it feels to be embarrassed by mental health issues, but SOBI elegantly shows anyone struggling with anxiety that they are not alone.

If you like what you hear, definitely check out the rest of SOBI‘s Home One Day. You can listen to the beautiful five-song EP on streaming services here. In addition, follow her on Facebook to get updates on new music and upcoming shows. If this EP is an indication of what is coming in the future, I’m definitely excited for new music from SOBI!

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