“Jerry’s Bacon Flavoured Vegan Potion” is what is on the menu today for our noisy followers. Everything Is Noise is proud to present this latest single from Croatia’s Them Moose Rush, a band who happily skirt on the fringes of genres, combining many into a weird and exciting adventure that covers prog, math, and stoner rock. With the new single also comes news from the band, who have decided to push the release of their album back to June. This is due to the ongoing global situation, and like many bands who have releases out this year, they want to get out on the road to promote it. We’re pleased to announce that the new album from Them Moose Rush, called Dancing Maze, will release on the Dostava Zvuka label on June 19, 2020.

Coinciding with our premiere of “Jerry’s Bacon Flavoured Vegan Potion” is a time-limited offering of the new single, which you can pick up from Bandcamp for free. This will no doubt tie in nicely with the shopping we’re sure everyone will be doing on Bandcamp’s special promotion day today, where bands get 100% of the revenue for sales.

The single itself is a positive progression of the bands sound with the production also seeing a bump in quality. Listening to their previous album Don’t Pick Your Noise and the new single back to front, the obvious contrast is the extra psych-driven through the guitars, bringing a fuzzier Queens Of The Stone Age vibe to the mix, resulting in a track that wouldn’t feel out of place for Mr Bungle or similarly whacky progressive outfit. A quick climax provides bundles of energy to this song before the band get really weird with a psychedelic ending to the track.

The band themselves shared some thoughts on their upgraded sound:

We think the biggest development is more emphasis on the groove. We are proud that we managed to keep our passion for odd time signatures, keeping it fun and interesting for us to play, but at the same time discovering a funkier version of us.

This change in focus can certainly be heard, and if the new single is anything to go by, Dancing Mazes will be a fun-packed groove adventure that will brighten up your 2020.

Be sure to follow Them Moose Rush on their social media accounts (Facebook | Youtube | Twitter), and of course, pick up your free copy of “Jerry’s Bacon Flavoured Vegan Potion” on their Bandcamp today!

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Pete Overell

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