Sacramento, California quintet Petroglyphs have been developing their brand of progressive metalcore since 2012. With a handful of releases since then, the group sure kept themselves busy in that time! In fact, we premiered their song “Equilibrium” earlier this year. Today, they are returning with more, namely their new single “Arrival”. We are happy to provide with you an exclusive playthrough and premiere of the track. You can watch it below:

Guitarists Chris Biermans and Jeff Beesley utilize various taps, arpeggios, and staccato chugs to realize a technical, melodic and groovy vision for the track. At times, the song is reminiscent of the early work of heavy hitters Volumes, as well as modern acts like The Healing. Paired with the hardcore screams and a brief spoken word section by vocalist Brandon Revette, it conveys the experience of voyagers in space, perhaps using the title to allude to the similarly themed 2016 film of the same name.  However, it seems as if the protagonists are futilely seeking safety (‘Was our journey in vain? / What would it take to reset our mistakes?‘). This atmospheric and ominous journey is complemented by the dark tones and haunting guitar melodies employed throughout the song.

You can purchase music by Petroglyphs on Bandcamp, stream their material on Spotify, and keep up with them on Facebook.

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