Viennese quartet Phal:Angst are back with a brand new track from their forthcoming album, Phase IV. Their unique mix of electronic and post-rock soundscapes couched in a gloomy apocalyptic aesthetic is at its peak in this sprawling twelve-minute opus, “Despair II”, that’s accompanied by a brand new video. If you’re ready for some monochromatic desperation, check out the video below!

As you can tell, this is an evocative piece of music that revels in murky aspects of the mundane as well as the extreme. Phal:Angst have matched the visual representation with the audio quite well throughout this video. There’s no shortage of mood and atmosphere in the song and at times reminds of classic Godspeed You! Black Emperor and their fixation on emotional toil of loss. The electronic aspects of their songs lean into the industrial territory more so than many of their peers giving the feel of this song, and their music as a whole, a feel all its own.

The band stated the following about their new video:

A walk through Vienna on a gritty autumn’s day. Detached from society, time & reality. We ride trains of thought. Graffiti by a heartbroken soul. Reflexions are all we have left’.

Phase IV is available to purchase and stream over on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, so be sure to swing by your preferred outlet and support this music. You can also find Phal:Angst on Facebook like and follow their page for more updates and news!

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