Christmas is over, but Holy Roar Records are determined to keep on giving. Fresh into the new year, and we’re already here with the premiere of Bristol-based noise-makers Modern Rituals’s second single off their upcoming sophomore record This Is The History, which is due for release March 20!

There’s an uninhibited and carelessly rock n’ roll quality to this band, even on more subdued tracks like this one. Surprisingly far removed from the menacing, unhinged stomp of the previous single, “Them Days is Gone” is firmly entrenched in brighter 90s alternative rock strumming, albeit still a bit atonal and distorted as per the band’s noisier roots. You can check out the video clip below:

The playful imagery of the video pairs well with the song’s nostalgic motifs. The visuals unfold like an old home video unearthed from a closet at your Grandma’s house, featuring singing and dancing puppets interspersed with shots of the band members playing in a cozy bedroom (using instruments that were most certainly not used in the making of this song.)

As an aside, “Them Days is Gone” makes good use of the 90s ‘stop/start’ technique during the pre-chorus  (whereby the music abruptly stops – then resumes as normal, as demonstrated perhaps most quintessentially here). When well-executed, it’s a fun and catchy embellishment, and is always a win for me.

This Is The History comes out everywhere March 20, and if the singles are anything to go by, it promises to be a varied and intense rock record. Be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook for more news and updates, as well as the bastion of quality that is Holy Roar Records for other great sounds.

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