Finland-based avant-garde duo NYOS are happy to unveil their unique and intriguing music video to complement their latest single, “Butter”. This track is the final preview from their upcoming album, Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever, which is scheduled for release on October 27th through Berlin’s Pelagic Records.

NYOS have been building a global reputation for their electrifying live performances characterized by intricate layers of looped guitars and polyrhythmic percussion, “Butter” showcases a different side of NYOS. It’s a bit slower in tempo but brimming with intensified energy. Drummer Tuomas Kainulainen’s syncopated grooves and intricate cymbal work exude a restless energy, while guitarist Tom Brooke’s repeated melodies gradually give way to expansive, reverb-soaked chord progressions. Check the track and the video below!

The accompanying video for “Butter” is directed by the experimental video artist Bereen Ondo, also known as Pietu Arvola. It’s a mesmerizing blend of found VHS footage and analog visuals all juxtaposed with AI-inspired effect and rendered in 4K resolution. The video’s unsettling effect leaves viewers questioning the authenticity of what they’re witnessing, providing a fitting visual counterpart to NYOS‘ uncanny ability to balance precise composition with improvisational creativity. This track has plenty of creative energy, new ideas, and the ability to blend them all without losing the effect of either.

Guitarist Tom Brooke had this to say about “Butter”:

‘Really excited to unleash the third and final advance single from Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever; Butter! I think if we were forced to choose a favourite track from the new record Butter would most likely be the one we’d both go for. I think it just came out accidentally one session after I clicked the wrong button on my looper… Even so, I think it really captures our mood and vibe of the writing process perfectly.

With a trio of singles now available for consumption, the album’s release feels closer than ever. Be sure to follow NYOS on Facebook and Instagram and you can pre-order the album over at Bandcamp or on Pelagic’s website!

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