I don’t know about you, but I like nothing better than to start the week with a little bit of new music, and we have a cracker from a noisy pairing for you on this fine Monday! Finland-based duo NYOS have spent the past seven years pouring time and effort into a number of releases, beginning with the hugely creative Vltava, an ambitious 26-minute debut consisting of 6 parts. Add to that an extensive touring schedule and you begin to understand the dedication of NYOS members Tom Brooke and Tuomas Kainulaine. The duo are currently preparing for their latest release, Celebration, due out via Pelagic Records this April. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait long for a sneak preview, as Everything Is Noise is delighted to present their latest single and video right here today:

In just over 5 minutes, NYOS manage to take us on a trip to a simpler time in “Rosario”. The opening minute is bound to leave you sitting with a cheesy smile on your face, the playful guitar perfect for those early spring walks just as the sun is breaking through. The visual accompaniment only adds to the feel-good nature, a reminder of simpler times when rolling down hills was the single greatest activity in the world. Distorted rumblings come to interject after this initial opening, as the duo begin to build tension and threaten to transition “Rosario” into darker territory.

It is this middle section where NYOS shine, with the lively opening section underscored by the darker, distorted lower register. As the track turns, so too does the video, with the individuals rolling down the hill becoming older and more frantic. It is a simple premise, but the marrying of the pace of the audio and video is very effective. Building electronics further complement the track and maintain interest as flashing lights interrupt our video, helping “Rosario” along to its conclusion where all elements gently fade away into silence.

Such a well-crafted track and simple, effective video sets the scene nicely for what is to come from the pairing. If you have enjoyed “Rosario” and are looking forward to having more NYOS in your life, make sure to keep an ear for the release of Celebration, due for release 8 April 2022; you can pre-order it now via the Pelagic Records website. In the meantime, make sure you’re following the Instagram and Facebook pages and take a deep dive into the NYOS discography on Bandcamp if you haven’t done so already.

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