We’re delighted to premiere the new track “Landslide” by dark and electronic sounding artpop artist MarieMarie. MarieMarie is a harpist and singer from Germany describing her own music as ‘poetic and dark artpop‘. With the release of her new album O earlier this year, she again displays what this mixture sounds like.


The darkness overall is very audible in the electronic components of “Landslide” while MarieMarie adds the poetry with her soft vocals. There’s a short passage within the song where she also uses her harp. This passage sounds very atmospheric, adding an interesting twist to the poppy song structure.

MarieMarie‘s new album O is about the question of what was, and is, important to her. The record tells a story through dramatic composition that is mainly lead by sound and music. As MarieMarie says:

‘We’ve been tinkering in the studio for four months and went through a pretty extensive postproduction phase, in which I consistently checked if things felt really right. We tried out new versions or worked on new audio tracks and replaced others. I create pop, however, I’ve always been playing classical music as well and I compose a lot. I wanted to make an album that everybody could listen to from beginning to end and indulge [laughs], but it’s also an album for nerds, who enjoy the mcguyvering sounds.’

MarieMarie‘s new record was released on May 11, 2018 via Universal Music. Make sure to follow her socials! (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website)

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