It should go without saying, but it is difficult to fully understand what different experiences are like without actually having gone through them. You need to experience it to truly understand but given how short our lives are and the endless things out there for us to explore, it is impossible to truly encounter everything. Luckily enough, we have a special form of communication in the form of music that allows us to learn about particular experiences and the associated emotions without having to actually come across them. Sure, these are not the same thing by any means, but music gives us a glimpse into what these experiences are like, and sometimes, that glimpse is all that you need to understand the world and the people inhabiting it just a little bit better.

Not many people suddenly move from one country to an entirely different one just for the sake of doing so. London-based indie singer-songwriter Freddie Dickson did exactly that moving from the UK to Germany back in 2018. These are two very different places with a different culture and language, not to mention the fact that he didn’t know a single soul there either. Regardless, Freddie was up for the personal challenge and moved anyways; he had to prove to himself that he could overcome such a feat. His upcoming EP, Idiot’s Dream, is the musical retelling of that very experience. If you haven’t had to experience this before firsthand, taking a deep dive into the music and the emotions portrayed in it is a perfect opportunity to feel what Freddie was feeling. Lucky for you, Everything Is Noise is premiering the music video for the title track of his new EP, Idiot’s Dream, coming May 21! It was co-directed by Dickson and Merle Sibbel, and you can find it below:

The EP title of Idiot’s Dream tells you all you need to know about how Freddie himself feels about his journey, but in a self-accepting manner. He knew it was going to be a challenge that is unnecessary to experience yet he went ahead and did it anyways. Regarding the music itself, it takes obvious influence from artists such as Portishead, Nick Cave, and Sharon Van EttenFreddie Dickson has created the musical manifestation of leaving everything you have and are comfortable with to live somewhere completely new, full of mystery. “Idiot’s Dream” instills a sense of uncertainty along with the curiosity of being somewhere entirely new. The dreamy post-punk/indie pop soundscapes are both comforting yet slightly unsettling at the same time, but as you become more familiar with its ins and outs, you realize that you were meant to be here all along.

“Idiot’s Dream” is only one piece of the puzzle though. Freddie Dickson‘s EP of the same name drops on May 21. In order to stay up to date on the details of the EP and other tidbits of information, give him a like on his Facebook page! You won’t want to miss it!

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