Hello and welcome to another fantastic premiere brought to you by your friends at Everything Is Noise. Today, we have the esteemed privilege to once again bring you some goodies from our pals Kenneth Minor. As you may remember, Kenneth Minor are a quartet of musicians hailing from Germany and who are releasing their new album On My Own. These folks are known for their bluesy folk melodies with melancholic and nostalgic undertones. Each musician expertly plays exactly the right notes which are needed to get across the expression they are going for.

On My Own arrives in early October through Unique Records and here we have been given another single prior to the release of the record. The video is a live session performance which took place at Studio 1 at the Institute for Music and Media and was directed by labelmate Noël Lardon (Love Machine).  So without further babbling, we present to you the release of their latest music video for the track “Happy Man”. Take a listen, watch, and enjoy!

Just like the title of the track implies, this is a happy little tune. Well, okay, at least an up-tempo song with the ability to put the listener into a trance state through the hypnotic rhythms. “Happy Man” is a different sort of love song – it takes an approach that only Kenneth Minor would be able to do. Feeding off some Bob Dylan energies, the song dances on through its story while the harmonies produce a healthy lightness adding to the overall depth. Kenneth Minor‘s approach to releasing singles is admirable as they have been steadily producing live session singles which gives everything a much more personal feel. So, dance on to the beat of two harmoniously aligned heartbeats in  “Happy Man” and don’t miss out on their upcoming release.

On My Own comes out October 4 of this year, so make sure you keep an eye and an ear out for that. In the meantime, you can find all of the good stuff including an upcoming tour from Kenneth Minor over at their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page, and their website.

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