Kenneth Minor is a German quartet which presents an almost minimalistic, blues-filled folk that’s filled to the brim with emotion. They give off a slightly unsettling vibe that somehow feels like home, different yet familiar. Their album Phantom Pain Reliever came out in 2017, and is a solid example of who they are as a band – definitely worth a listen! The band consists of Bird Christiani (electric & acoustic guitars, harmonica, bass), Athena Isabella (vocals), Andreas Lüttke (bass), and Florian Helleken (drums).

With the release of their upcoming album On My Own, we at Everything Is Noise have been given the honour of premiering their live single music video for “Bad Conscience Blues”. Ready yourself for some smooth, stirring music!

Mmm…just listen to them bluesy licks! “Bad Conscience Blues” is both relaxing and emotive, with duo vocals and a blues-folk sound. Christiani and Isabella singing together is such a great combination of vocals; Bird emotes a story of his childhood, while Athena adds a soothing, choir-like element to the song. Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Bird’s guitar playing. He uses finger-picked strumming and riffing, which forms the core of the track. There is subtlety, technicality and emotion all packed into his stringed instrument.

On My Own comes out sometime this year, so make sure you can keep an eye and an ear out for that. In the meantime, you can find all of the good stuff from Kenneth Minor over at their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page, and their website.

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