Winnipeg’s own Juniper Bush is premiering their new LP on Everything Is Noise! Officially releasing April 3 on Transistor 66, Healing Through A Sonic Figure showcases exciting songwriting, tonal bliss, and touches on the harsh reality of life and inner turmoil. Juniper Bush formed in 2016, featuring Lizzy Burt (Basic Nature), Adrian Schroeder (Black Cloud), Danny Hacking, and Kyle Loewen (Holy Void, Surprise Party).

Bringing back nostalgic nineties shoegaze/alt-rock tones throughout the entire record, Healing Through A Sonic Figure forces time to slip away in a daydream. Juniper Bush allows you to lose yourself and step back from the current state of the world and experience art with purity.

Lyrically five of the eight songs touch on the different phases of a struggling relationship and the challenges of returning to a partnership with someone suffering from addiction. The band’s lead songwriter Lizzy Burt states, ‘Initially we wanted to release those five songs about letting go and coming back as an EP, but we continued to write. Music is a huge part of how I process very personal things in my life. Making this record felt like a turning point in my healing process after some pretty difficult times.’

Overall the record lays out a very solid foundation of songs to explore. Track one, “Hindsight”, was a definite stand-out to me as I found myself lost in a dreamscape led by the soothing vocals of Burt. Singles “Forsight” and “Turn” are prime examples of shoegaze/psych-rock music written with passion and thoughtfulness. Offering their heart and soul, Healing Through A Sonic Figure reigns supreme in a world needing more shoegaze music.

Follow Juniper Bush on Facebook and Instagram. Preorder Healing Through A Sonic Figure on Bandcamp which comes out this Friday, April 3.

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