Hullo all! We have yet another premiere to share with everyone! Today we have a new band to reveal, Javva. Though the band is new to us, the members have been rather busy throughout the music industry. Javva have an upcoming album release on October 11, 2019 through Antena Krzyku and are presently releasing a music video in preparation of said release. The album in question is called Balance of Decay and it is a combination of some rather different sounds, at first glance, to create some interesting music.

Like I said, Javva‘s members have been active in creating music before getting together to form Javva. Drummer Bartek Kapsa started the project and he can be found in other acts such as Something Like ElvisContemporary Noise SextetHelatone, and Tropy. Each member has an impressive resume of music to catch up on as well, but that’s not why we are here! Today is all about celebrating the new music video “Kua Fu” which we here at Everything Is Noise are very proud to present.

At first glance, this sounds like a pretty upbeat and happy song, but the further we dig, we realise there’s more than what it seems. Javva combine dance rhythms with bitter lyrics about a technological, social, and environmental crisis. That’s some pretty heavy stuff to talk about especially when juxtaposing it on top of some groovy beats. There are also moments when the cheerful melodies give way to something sinister hidden beneath, like in the instrumental passages. The synthesizers kick into to full force on top of the afrobeat drumming which has the effect of impending doom. Javva are able to create a delicate nuance which adds layers to allow listeners to keep coming back and finding new things each time.

The song “Kua Fu” specifically is about the relationship between humans and nature as well as the inner condition of us. Throughout the video you can see bright colours that are thrown in at a dilapidated, abandoned-looking building. The visual speaks for itself and is a perfect representation of the music and message Javva are portraying. Guitarist Piotr Bukowski, who also came up with the concept of the video and edited it, says, ‘We made this video in our house that accurately visualise our hearts and music.’

Be sure to follow Javva everywhere including Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram. You can also find the Antena Krzyku record label at their website and Facebook if you’re interested in following them. Balance of Decay is released internationally October 11, 2019 and is already out for Polish audiences.

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