If you’re looking for a way to start your week off on a positive note, we have just the tune for you! I’d challenge you to listen to our new premiere, “ARE WE OK” by Interesting Times Gang, without feeling at least some urge to dance.

The upbeat, funky instrumental was created by a perhaps unexpected composer – Ian Miller, the bassist for Kowloon Walled City, Less Art, Strangelight, and a number of other metal and punk acts. Interesting Times Gang is a solo instrumental outlet for Miller. “ARE WE OK” is the first single and title track off of an upcoming EP, out March 11, a rapid follow-up to last year’s Beats, No Rhymes, No Life. Miller also produced the video to accompany the track, which you can view here:

The song features a number of samples interpolated into a cohesive, catchy whole. The syncopated beats, funky guitars, refrain of ‘Are we ok?‘, and ’80s synths all make for a fun, danceable track. Miller explains:

‘Are We OK’ is a significant departure from anything I’ve done before, and my first foray into … Big Beat? I love all that stuff, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Norman Cook, et al, so that’s in my DNA, I guess! But I’m pretty pumped on the end result. This is also my first attempt at making a video for any of my musical projects. I found a bunch of footage from the ’70s through the ’90s and cut it together to try and celebrate hip-hop and dance music. For me, the video is about the joy and catharsis we find in music and community. I’m really looking forward to that now that it looks like the end of the pandemic is in sight!

You can pre-order ARE WE OK on Bandcamp and follow Ian Miller on Instagram.

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