Premieres are great, wouldn’t you agree? So many wonderful bands and artists scattered around the ever-weaving threads of the internet, and here at Everything Is Noise we’re delighted to get ahold of and present them to you in a tightly knit article. Of course, this one is no exception – today we give you UK sludge trio Row of Ashes and their brand-new music video for “Worcester Man”, one of their singles off forthcoming album Bleaching Heat, to be released on May 6 through Surviving Sounds.

Kicking things off with a dissonant, almost blackened guitar lead that sends you to a pit of filth right away, “Worcester Man” might as well be your ticket to hell as this thing pummels you down even further as the track progresses. There’s this nasty blend of sludge and metallic hardcore in its structure that instantly hooks you in its clutches, with instrumentation that is disgustingly heavy while simultaneously exploring varying textures that keeps the song interesting and exciting throughout. The vocals are thrillingly ferocious and fit perfectly with the chaotic nature of the track.

NOTE: the video below contains multiple instances of rapidly flashing images.

I don’t know about you, but the music video has some slight nostalgic flare to it – brings me back to the early 2010s, when I was mindlessly binging through music videos from the Relapse Records YouTube channel.  There’s a charm to these in-house live performance visuals that perfectly showcase the raw energy these types of bands tend to convey. This is coupled with erratic edits that perfectly match the intensity of the song – ranging from abrupt flashes and black-and-white footage of each member overlapping each other, to transitions in sync with the down beats and aggressive riffing. The song-video combo is all killer, no filler.

If you are liking what you hear and see, do follow Row of Ashes on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp. You can also pre-order Bleaching Heat here.

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