Here at Everything Is Noise we’ve been getting absolutely floored by fantastic music over these past few weeks. Now more than ever bands and artists alike are putting their creative endeavors into work, resulting in songs and records that cast a beacon in an otherwise confusing year. To continue this trend, we are proud to premiere Minneapolis outfit Jeweler’s very first single “Don’t Cry For Me” off their debut full-length record Tiny Circles, which will be released on all digital platforms on June 11.

At its core, “Don’t Cry For Me” is a lovely piece of alt pop that is charming to the ears and tasteful enough to groove to it carelessly. Although simplistic in its structure, the track sparks much joy (despite its rather solemn lyrical themes) and feels timeless as it subtly incorporates soundscapes that fit so wonderfully together.

The lush atmosphere coming from the synths gives way to a driving beat that forces you to grasp onto it for a truly glimmering ride. The guitars are straightforward and expansive, while the vocals channel the slouchy yet woeful wails characteristic of the goth and post-punk scenes. Rounding off with a chorus that is totally contagious, Jeweler manages to concoct a single that is executed beautifully, thanks to their undeniable talent for solid and gripping songwriting.

Simple, succinct, and an all-around a pleasure to listen to; “Don’t Cry For Me” was a great introduction to Jeweler for me. This single for sure piqued my interest for what they’ve to offer on their forthcoming record, and if you’re in the same position as I am, why not give their socials a like and follow? Go ahead and pay a visit to their BandcampFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information and/or updates!

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