One of my favorite things about the changing of seasons is how it also changes my music listening habits. As winter fades and the long, cold nights are slowly replaced by sunshine and budding trees, I go through a metamorphosis as well. With the days getting longer, I’m slowly breaking into my summertime playlist. I’ve been spinning a lot more EDM and general ‘good vibes’ music, so “Forever Young” has been delivered to me at the most opportune time.

Slumberville shows the age-old adage of ‘sometimes less is more’ to be true. “Forever Young” is a really simple and repetitive track that works incredibly effectively as a result of that nature. It’s little more than a really catchy melody with some nice, sustained synth notes and a standard bass beat. With so little to parse and digest, it gives “Forever Young” more of a chance at working where it really shines, and that is simply in its delivery and re-listenable nature. In writing this article, I spun the two-and-a-half-minute track half a dozen times consecutively. I was still bobbing my head along to it the whole time, and if it came on again right now, I’m sure I’d find myself in the same position still.

“Forever Young” is mostly propelled by the ethereal and dreamy vocal delivery of Australian singer Woodes, who collaborated with the Swedish Slumberville for the track. Her light and airy delivery is the perfect accoutrement to the drum-and-bass-heavy beat, creating a nice parallel between the elements. Slumberville really knocked it out of the park with this track, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. This is definitely going on the windows-down playlist for summer adventures this year! If you’re curious to hear more of his music, you can find it in various places, or if you want to see some of his creative process, Slumberville actually has a really cool Instagram and Facebook you should check out. With that, I leave you with “Forever Young” (hopefully looping in your head, releasing good vibes), and a good day.

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