Another day, another dollar, another new music premiere! Today we present to you the latest music video from South African electro-rock band Go the Rodeo for their new song “Never C Ur Face Again”.

Go the Rodeo hails from Johannesburg, where they’ve been releasing a steady output of singles since last year. Their latest track, “Never C Ur Face Again”, is a much more straightforward cut than their previous output. The ‘electro-‘ moniker doesn’t apply so much here. Aside from some background synths, this song only contains guitar, bass, drums, and vocals sung into a telephone. “Never C Ur Face Again” is some good old-fashioned bang-on-the-E-string rock ‘n’ roll.

I normally don’t consider this in a premiere, but one of the things that makes this song interesting to me is how it was written. Go the Rodeo Guitarist Corné Van Nierkerk explains:

‘The song itself has a very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ theme about it and was written after I had dreamt the melody and guitar line. I woke up in the middle of the night, still half asleep, and recorded the line on my phone. The next morning, I pretty much finished the structure, and we refined the song over a course of a few months. The idea of ‘be so good to never see your face again’ must’ve been stuck in my subconscious and stemmed from those moments where you go on social media, and you see that certain person’s face. How one picture can completely mess up your day.’

Imagine a riff in your head rattle around in your dreams before you turning it into a song.

Check out Go the Rodeo on Facebook and iTunes for more music and updates.

Jonce Palmer

Jonce Palmer

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