It’s premiere time, folks! I hope you brought a good pair of dancing shoes for this one because Noseholes Ant And End is sure to have you moving and grooving. The German four-piece has been busy since their inception, with LP’s in back to back years. Ant And End is in keeping with their no wave/post-punk with a touch of disco style but feels a bit different atmospherically. The core remains the same- danceable guitar and bass with the vibrant percussion and distorted vocals common to post-punk. Noseholes accompanies this with a rigid attitude of ‘Sax, drugs, Fuck Rock ‘n’ Roll.

So what exactly is Ant And End? It’s a really interesting piece of music. This album really presents you with something different and unique. It’s weird and wacky at times, but also grounded and emotional in other moments. “Snowsuit Ranger” starts the album off with a fast and lively kick. “Vacuum Flies” on the other hand delivers a more raw and deliberate feel. Cohesive writing and structure wrap together a really dynamic piece of music that flits somewhere between a bunch of diverse genres that most people shy away from. Each individual track feels totally separated- like the individual soundtracks of surveillance cameras people bass by unbeknownst in their daily routine. Noseholes have truly created something artful and unique.

Admittedly this album isn’t something I would probably check out ordinarily. Post-punk isn’t usually my cup of tea and I don’t have much experience with no wave. That’s the beauty of what we do here at Everything Is Noise. It always is delightful to get to showcase something that might have otherwise slipped under my radar. Here’s hoping it doesn’t slip under yours as well! Ant And End is dropping tomorrow, May 17, via ChuChu Records. If you like what you hear be sure to pick up a copy on NoseholesBandcamp. You can also follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date on the newest from them.

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