The ongoing pandemic, whilst frustrating for most of us, has allowed for individuals to start putting ticks all over their to-do list. This is very much the case for Belgium’s The Waltz, a four piece keen to experiment with a range of genres and fill your ears with a mix of hard hitting noise and gentle pop like melodies. The pandemic allowed the quartet to write and record their debut album and they are finally starting to share the fruits of this time with the world. Today, you can sit back and enjoy the follow up to lead single “Flowers”, with a brand new Everything Is Noise premiere:

“Red-Orange Moon” opens with industrial beats, before a thumping bass line kicks you in the chest, making you sit up and take notice. The initial stages of the track maintain this menacing bass and drum, with the more upbeat vocals and jangly guitars in stark contrast. The two meet in a glorious crescendo of noise for the chorus before dropping back for the verse. This push-pull dynamic continues throughout the track, with the four-piece dragging you along a winding road with sections of smooth, fresh tarmac, punctuated by century old cobblestones. You are never quite sure where the song is going next, with more than a few listens needed to allow you to fully enjoy what the band have put together.

A well-crafted visual accompaniment, the video for “Red-Orange Moon” features a performance from the band, with overlain forest and nature shots providing some variety and shrouding the band members in a little more mystery. The video seems to draw some inspiration from those early ’90s Seattle grunge era tracks with the lo-fi distressed style and dark light feel. The considered and sporadic use of white noise throughout the video helps create a sense of unease, whilst again maintaining interest for the viewer. Much like the track itself, you are not quite sure where the video is going to take you, the only certainty coming with the final fade to black.

The Waltz are clearly intent on pushing forward and spreading their music as far and wide as they can. If you have enjoyed the noise from today and are looking forward to hearing more, make sure to keep up to date with all the latest news from The Waltz by following their Instagram and Facebook pages, well worth doing so in advance of their full length debut release early next year.

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