France’s Abraham Fogg piece together audio-visual paganistic rituals, the kind that are as grim as they are captivating. Hence why we here at Everything Is Noise are any number of excited synonyms to bring to your eye- and ear holes “Money”, the seventh track off the pair’s forthcoming album Blakulla, out December 3rd.

Coming off May’s two-track Metamorphosis EP (which had a spectacular short film), the duo behind Abraham Fogg – songwriters and directors, Charles-Edouard Dangelser and Grégoire Vaillant – are not slowing down. In the process, they’ve created some hellish black-and-white soundscapes and visuals. “Money” looks and sounds like a techno producer scored Robert EggersThe Witch, still ultimately landing similar motifs to make for a classic old-world tale of superstition and fear; of repentance and tragedy; and of manipulation and death.

So let’s talk cold hard cash for this four-minute instrumental composition.

Occasional abrasive dynamic shifts punctuate murky darkwave tones, akin to when a far-too-loud YouTube ad plays after a quiet video, except this song is jarring in a good way. Bright melodic stabs and emotive synthwave licks add atmos to what is an overall dark piece, like squinting your eyes through shadowed trees in order to discover a light source breaking past branches and leaves. Rumbling, noisy synthesizers shift the cold soil beneath your feet, aftershocks rocking next to pulsating electronic percussion and churning low-end that’s trying to immolate you at the goddamn stake. The end result is a cruel and witchy but very engaging AV feat, fittingly paired with the erratic edits and greyscale footage in the accompanying film clip.

I dig the fuck out of it, and hopefully, you will too. Y’all know what to do:

Alex Sievers

Alex Sievers

"Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."

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