We try to cover a good amount of diverse artists here at Everything Is Noise, but metalcore is a genre which only rarely finds its way into our premiere section. If you come across a band with so much nostalgic charm and energy like today’s featurette Falsehoods Of Today, though, it’s pretty easy to to fall for them, and that’s exactly what happened here: us teaming up with a neat band for the premiere of their new video “Eros’s Memoirs”!

The four-piece outfit is based in the UK and features Cameron Wilson (Lure In) on vocals, Luka Fabin (Pupil Slicer) on bass, James Roberts on guitar, and Nick Povey for drum programming. With the metalcore, post-hardcore, and melodic hardcore sounds of the early ’00s in mind, the group recorded their debut EP If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams during lockdown, and the confusing times of isolation and uncertainty are not only reflected in the music itself, but can also be sensed while watching their new video for “Eros’s Memoirs”, which we are premiering right here:

With a rough production and typical metalcore tropes of the early ’00s, Falsehoods Of Today consciously evoke a certain nostalgia and remind the listener of the longing, melodramatic vibe within the melodic hardcore scene of those days. The gritty energy of the track carries the vibe of sweaty basements and pulsating live shows, making one eager to experience the band in said environment.

Through the accompanying video, the band explores issues like identity and sexuality, showcasing the confusion of self-doubt and the relief of acceptance by the ones you love. Falsehoods Of Today always stay meaningful, reflective, and authentic with “Eros’s Memoirs”, and can only be highly recommended for people who love the genres mentioned above.

The band’s debut EP If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams will see the light of day on April 8 via Trepanation Recordings. Make sure to follow Falsehoods Of Today on Facebook, and pre-order If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams via Bandcamp!

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