It is possible that you saw Everything Is Noise‘s premiere of the Oakhands‘ album, The Shadow of Your Guard Receding, in the spring of last year prior to its release. If not, then this is your reminder to not overlook this record, especially if you’re keen on the incredibly emotive and ambitious style of post-hardcore; a sound that Oakhands masterfully capture. This special group is going to release a new music video for their track, “|| twenty-two” and you can be among the first to watch it here!

Munich-native Oakhands are one of those special breed of post-hardcore bands that go the extra mile to craft deeply personal tunes that radiate pure emotion as opposed to just making catchy tunes. This group does both but emphasizes the personal and emotional nature of this music. Oakhands draws influence from various genres, such as post-hardcore, emo, indie, and post-rock, and artfully packages everything into one succinct and beyond powerful piece of music that is The Shadow of Your Guard RecedingYou’re gonna need a box of tissues for this record, let me tell you that.

Although a track without any vocals, “|| twenty-two” speaks multitudes in the form of pure instrumental emotion. This track allows Oakhands to fully indulge in the post-rock goodness that lingers throughout the rest of the record. The group creates some undeniably serene soundscapes that one could just drown in. But the real meat of this track comes with the soft and slow bridge that builds up to the massive release of tension at the end. Moments like that are always so incredibly special and Oakhands are no exception when it comes to creating explosions of emotion as they did on “|| twenty-two”.

The Shadow of Your Guard Receding released April 24 of last year via This Charming Man Records, so if you haven’t heard that yet, you’re going to want to do so right about now. Oakhands are one band that brings a revitalized energy to the world of emotive post-hardcore, so you’ll definitely want to stay up to date by giving them a digital thumbs up or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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