We’ve got an exciting premiere for you today which will challenge your senses and inspire your mind. Everything Is Noise is proud to present the track “Tower” from artist Nickolas Mohanna. Taken from his upcoming album Smoke, which was released by REV. Lab. Records and Aagoo Records, “Tower” is a thought-provoking experience which will certainly leave an impression on you.

Grab your best pair of headphones and reduce all noise around you, because the experimental electronic music from Nickolas Mohanna is on the downtempo sound porn spectrum of the genre. What some might mistake as white noise is another person’s Atlantis of sound, and this track combined with the accompanying video is art in its purest form. The music is stitched together from live recordings of protests in the US and other resistance rallies in the past, compressed to hell and presented to you. The music is subtle, jarring at times, whilst being provoking and hypnotic too.

The music video and all the graphics focus on the album’s concept of smoke, and you’re treated to an engaging stop-motion video with “Tower”, created by Bas Mantel. In a similar vein to Radiohead‘s videos, this trippy and hypnotising video complements the intense, pulsating beats of Nickolas Mohanna. The process behind the video is fascinating with the artist using smoke on thermopaper, images of which were scanned in and manipulated to create the video presented. Take a look at the video below!

As mentioned, you can pick up Smoke now, with the album having been released on April 24, 2019, mastered by Josh Bonati. You can purchase it from the Aagoo Records page here, whilst taking a look at Nickolas Mohanna‘s other releases and videos on his website here. Let us know what you think of this track in the comments, and if you’d like to see more of this from Everything Is Noise in the future!

Pete Overell

Pete Overell

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