Of all in living memory, 2020 has truly been the year of unrelenting societal strain. Coronavirus is the lurking headache that exacerbates the sinister, ever-present societal problem of prejudice and all-out hatred. But in this seemingly unending mire of injustice, Ett Dödens Maskineri are here to raise a fist and say ‘no more’.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we at Everything Is Noise are premiering this track from the Swedish quartet, which is an anarchistic slice of joyous aggro. “Det Svenska Hatet” is the first single, and title track, from the band’s forthcoming debut album, and it offers an uncompromising punk ‘n’ roll condemnation of modern hatred. The band’s debut EP, Sveriges Humanitära Ruiner, offered a brief yet electrifying introduction to the Falun punks’ modus operandi, and the interim has seen their zealous flair fueled into a searing blaze.

As opening tracks go, “Det Svenska Hatet” flies off the line with explosive aplomb. Musically, this track stands stoically among modern punk icons like Kvelertak, Cancer Bats, and Bokassa, matching the unruly energy of the aforementioned with sludgy groove, and a confrontational demeanor. Despite the comparisons, the personality presented here is one of genuine fire. Their aesthetic is fully formed, and unapologetic in its approach. With tonic production and a waxing structure, the track is a thrilling introduction to what is set to be an unforgiving rollercoaster of an album; a vital voice in the ongoing fight against bigotry.

Scheduled for release on November 30 via Gothenburg’s Suicide Records, this record is not only available for pre-order, but is already shaping up to be one of my personal highlights of 2020. Meanwhile, be sure to stay up to date with Ett Dödens Maskineri on Facebook and the other platforms linked on their website, because if this opening lap is anything to go by, they are deserving of your attention. Nay, they demand it.

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