In preparation for the upcoming album, Ex Voto, powerhouse vocalist and guitarist Donna Diane, aka Djunah, has ensured our energy levels stay topped up with a brand new single. Everything Is Noise is therefore honoured to premiere the excellent “Bless Your Money”.

The band, Djunah prides itself on its stripped down mega-raw rock sound, which was recorded in album format by Kurt Ballou of Converge fame. In terms of band dynamics, drummer Nick Smalkowski is the only biological addition to Donna Diane’s musical arsenal. The rest of the sound comes from a highly impressive pedal rig which even accommodates, believe it or not, the bass. This ensures that, while the energy remains sincerely punky, an eclectic mix of sounds and progressions enter the fray at frequent intervals.

“Bless Your Money” is no exception to this rule and, like all of the current singles released from Ex Voto, there is a striking sense of personality to be found within its swift run time. In contrast to Djunah tracks such as “Animal Kingdom”, this song grants us a pacier, but no less intense experience. The chiselled, melodic verse builds nicely into an anarchically loud riff, and the end result is an ever-increasing musical whirlwind of rage…

Appropriate given the song’s subject matter, which Donna has no hangups in explaining.

‘Unlike most of the other songs on the album, there’s no metaphor or conceit to the lyrics. It’s just a straight-up fuck you to the ultra-rich for their exploitation of guns, religion, and nationalism as a means of preserving their wealth and status. The media still acts like it’s a mystery what’s raising the ultra-right. It’s no mystery. It’s fucking billionaires.’

What more proof do you need that this is going to be one fierce album?

Ex Voto is due for release November 1, 2019, via Triple Eye Industries. You can pre-order the album at Djunah‘s Bandcamp. For all other news and info, check out her Facebook and web page.

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