I am not sure how if it happens to anyone else, it probably does, but does the chilling thought of how big space truly is ever hit you, like really hit you? Just thinking about the endless reaches of the galaxy and how small and insignificant everything else is in comparison brings an odd sense of tranquility to me. Things that I would normally stress out about suddenly has no grasp on me when I think about how this stress-inducing event means absolutely nothing in the big picture. Our world and the universe will continue along as if these events never happened; everything is insignificant so it isn’t worth the headache to worry about to me. This cosmic horror is a reminder to me that I can get through anything, not to stress and let anxiety get the better of me because nothing truly does matter in the grand scheme of things, and to just live life.

Thinking about space and its sheer beauty (thanks to the Hubble and James Webb telescopes) leaves me a little sad that I’ll never get to explore it in my lifetime. Seeing those images is as close as I will ever get, but at least we have the magical power of music to commandeer my senses and take my mind on a journey that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise. If you’re looking for a new musical voyage that takes you to the depths of the cosmos, we at Everything Is Noise are you serving you one hot and ready premiere with CB3‘s latest single aptly titled “Through Space and Time”.

CB3 (otherwise referred to as Charlotta’s Burning Trio) are a trio out of Malmö, Sweden that play a unique brand of progressive rock with heavy psychedelic and stoner influence. They craft some slow, crushing tunes with massive walls of sound that are the sonic equivalent of floating through space and realizing that it was more than you could ever have imagined. CB3 are set to release their upcoming record, Exploration, on August 26 through Majestic Mountain Records and it will be something you will definitely want to embark on. 2022 so far has been pretty light on groovy psych rock records thus far, although it could just be that I am slacking but regardless, CB3 is here to deliver.

Charlotta Anderson herself, the C in CB3, had this to say about “Through Space and Time”:

“Through Space and Time” is the grand finale on this album and actually the first song I wrote for Exploration. It’s an epic ending with a cliff-hanger. Our protagonist continues the journey through space and time, meets obstacles on the way and kind of realizes the dream has become reality. Always carry on, always journey on.

To my ears, CB3 take the best of Baroness, Elder, and Kairon; IRSE!, a healthy dash of Pink Floyd, and a little bit of grunge and doom to create this twisting, constantly evolving behemoth of a track that is “Through Space and Time”. With the ethereal vocals and the droning guitars fading in and out, it feels as if you’re being sucked through a black hole with time and reality distorting in every which way; nothing makes sense but it is so vividly overwhelming. There are so many guitar techniques and effects being utilized that sound like radio communication and feedback that could be coming from somewhere beyond the limits of our initial reach.

Why on Earth (heh) are you still reading this and not launching yourself into the stratosphere with all the delay and reverb you could ever want? Well, since you’re still here, I implore you to give CB3 a like/follow on their Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp pages. Maybe even pick up some juicy wax while you’re at it. Exploration drops on August 26th so mark your calendars for the experience of a lifetime!

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