Everything Is Noise is proud to present the brand new track from the avant garde electronic one-man project, Alwanzatar. Masterminded solely by experimental musician, Krizla, (previously of Tusmørke fame) Alwanzatar serves as a bold ensemble of meaty, sinister, and flute-ladled Kraut-rock soundscapes. Take this new song “Syre Base” as a prime example of Krizla’s tour-de-force talent within Alwanzatar.

“Syre Base” emits some pleasantly old-school electronic vibes, which fans of early Aphex Twin may well appreciate. It builds upon a simple rhythmic premise and grows steadily vibrant with each passing bar, until the stargazing spaceman in all of us walks out the other side, well and truly fed. A combination of hard drum beats and captivating synths, “Syre Base” is an irresistibly intense journey, and one of Alwanzatar‘s neatest tracks so far.

You can also listen along with this music video, for an abstract and enjoyably retro science tutorial, featuring lots of dazzling chemical reactions. Fitting in a lot of ways.

“Syre Base” ultimately serves as a teaser for Alwanzatar‘s third studio album, Helsfyr Terminal Ekspress, which is just a few weeks away from release. Fans can expect more fluid and otherworldly sounds, mixed in with Krizla’s uncanny talent for taking the humble flute instrument to new and unexplored reaches. This is awesome and original music, so do not sleep on it!

Here is what Krizla had to say about the video:

‘The video for Syre Base is made from clips showing the use of acid base indicators and some spectacular chemical reactions thrown in for effect. These images reflect the theme of the song, which is acid and bass, with some heavy use of the TT-303 Bass Line. The video was edited by Martin Furan and Kristoffer Momrak, from archive clips from CHEM Study, College of Chemistry, U.C. Berkeley.’

Helsfyr Terminal Ekspress will be available in full on June 21, via Apollon Records. You can hear Alwanzatar‘s previous work on his Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news and info, visit his Facebook.

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