Hey, remember when we had a podcast? Yeah, so do we. Well, with our new name, we also wanted to reboot our podcast with a relevant name and, hopefully, more regularity coming soon. With that said, welcome to Noisy Speakers, the official podcast of Everything is Noise!

In this inaugural episode, we talk about the philosophy that went behind our name change and rebranding, discussing how it better reflects who we are as a team now. It’s hosted by our very esteemed Editor-in-chief Landon, with contributions from our PR wizard Inter and myself! We all became part of this team under our old name during different times, so we all offer differing perspectives. Check it out below and be sure to leave us comments regarding our discussion, and feel free to leave suggestions on what you would like us to talk about in the future. Thanks for listening!

Check out our Art Director Leanna White and her work right here!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

"I came up and so could you, and fuck the boys in blue" - RMR

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