Hey everyone. Been a while, huh? Our last episode of Noisy Speakers was, uh… *checks notes* almost exactly one year ago to this day! Wow. We apologize if you’ve missed our voices. No promises, but we’ll be trying to get podcasts out with some regularity, or at least not a full year apart. I’m sure y’all understand when we say that no plans have gone to… plan in the last several months.

Anyway, today’s glorious return has us talking about the lovely music that has graced us so far in 2020 – just about the only consistently cool thing that’s happened this year. Join me (David), our PR manager Inter, and fellow writer and editor Jake as we discuss our topic of top picks. We agree, we disagree, we say ‘I still need to check that out‘ a lot. Fun times!

Listen here:

or go over to our Youtube channel and listen to Noisy Speakers there!

Thanks for listening, and be sure to tell us what your favorite picks for 2020 are, as well as anything you’re looking forward to. Stay safe!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

"I came up and so could you, and fuck the boys in blue" - RMR

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