We’re back with another episode of Noisy Speakers and this is a very personal one, which we hope will resonate with every one of you listening today. I’m sure you’re aware that since our transition into Everything Is Noise, the musical spectrum with which we interact has broadened. With that, we feel our writing group’s taste has blossomed, by either drawing on influences from before the change to enjoy the new sounds or diving headfirst into new dimensions of noise. Therefore, it seemed fitting to chronicle the reasons we as individuals changed or evolved our taste, and what drives us in the pursuit for righteous new tunes.

It was an intimate session with our PR manager Inter joining myself, Pete, for a journey down memory lane and back again. You can here the fourth episode of Noisy Speakers below and we would love to hear about your evolution of taste in the comments.

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Pete Overell

Pete Overell

“Talent has always been the sexiest thing to me."

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