Well, It’s neither April 1, nor are we kidding at all. Copenhagen based black metal/hardcore band Hexis just announced their summer/fall tour, which is starting on Wednesday! It’s the longest tour the band has ever done, and I’m sure the longest tour I’ve ever seen. The band will be appearing in 111 cities over the next 109 days. No off days, plus there will be two shows on one day, twice.

The tour includes some festivals as Brutal Assault, Monteparadiso, Rockstadt Extreme, and Paranoya Festival, also some dates which aren’t announced yet. Still, the amount of shows is ridiculous and will keep Hexis on the road for more than three and a half months. Since their foundation in 2010, Hexis already played more than 600 shows around the world and are known for being on tour quite often. Their latest release Tando Ashanti was out on April 8, 2017. Looks like they won’t have time to focus on a new record too soon. Anyway, make sure to catch them live, if they’ll come somewhere near your place (chances are high!).

Some bands that are going to accompany Hexis on some dates are Woes, Point Mort, Teethgrinder, Demersal, Walk Through Fire, Vonnis, Tengil, Zatokrev and more! Just take a look at the poster. You’ll probably need a magnifying glass!

The tour dates are the following:

24/07 Basement, Copenhagen (Denmark)
25/07 Peter-Weiss-Haus, Rostock (Germany)
26/07 Fliese, Potsdam (Germany)
27/07 Stö, Leipzig (Germany)
28/07 WunderBar, Weimar (Germany)
29/07 Kunstverein, Nürnberg (Germany)
30/07 Kulturak Klub, Bratislava (Slovakia)
31/07 Gromka, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
01/08 Monteparadiso Festival, Pula (Croatia)
02/08 Durer Kert, Budapest (Hungary)
03/08 Városi Rock Klub, Szeged (Hungary)
04/08 Rockstadt Extreme Festival, Rasnov (Romania)
05/08 Fester Club, Presov (Slovakia)
06/08 Venster99, Vienna (Austria)
07/08 Brutal Assault Festival, Jeromer (Czech Repulic)
08/08 s.v. Jugendhaus Ost, Wolfsburg (Germany)
09/08 Chekov, Cottbus (Germany)
10/08 Jambar, Szczecin (Poland)
11/08 Underdogs, Prague (Czech Republic)
12/08 Cafe Trauma, Marburg (Germany)
13/08 Don’t Panic, Essen (Germany)
14/08 Mcp Apache, Fontaine L’Évêque (Belgium)
15/08 Amersham Arms, London (England)
16/08 The Mulberry Bar, Sheffield (England)
17/08 Temple of Boom, Leeds (England)
18/08 Rebellion, Manchester (England)
19/08 Gorilla Studios, Hull (England)
20/08 Trillians, Newcastle (England)
21/08 Conroy’s Basement, Dundee (Scotland)
22/08 Roisin Dubh, Galway (Ireland)
23/08 Dolans, Limerick (Ireland)
24/08 Fred Zeppelins, Cork (Ireland)
25/08 Drop Dead Twice, Dublin (Ireland)
26/08 The Underground, Stoke (England)
27/08 Drop The Dumbulls Gallery, Liverpool (England)
28/08 The Green Door Store, Brighton (England)

29/08 Stelplaats, Leuven (Belgium)
30/08 JUZ, Mannheim (Germany)
31/08 (15.00) Paranoya Festival, Radebeul (Germany)
31/08 (20:00) Auto Da Fé, Kladno (Czech Republic)
01/09 Sibir, Brno (Czech Republic)
02/09 Capcana, Timisoara (Romania)
03/09 Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
04/09 Underworld, Bucharest (Romania)
05/09 Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia (Bulgaria)
06/09 Karga, Istanbul (Turkey)
07/09 Hustlers Rock Club, Limassol (Cyprus)
08/09 High Out Dart Club, Bursa (Turkey)
09/09 Telwe Performance Hall, Ankara (Turkey)
10/09 Up Stage Performance Hall, Izmir (Turkey)
11/09 Alive Bar, Burgas (Bulgaria)
12/09 Club Sixty Six, Thessaloniki (Greece)
13/09 Antidrastirio Squat, Larisa (Greece)
14/09 Steki Rixis, Leivadia (Greece)
15/09 Bandapart Recording Studio, Kalamata (Greece)
16/09 YpogaK94, Athens (Greece)
17/09 Apertus Squat, Agrinio (Greece)
18/09 Antinomia Squat, Korfu (Greece)
19/09 TBA
20/09 Dunja, Skopje (Macedonia)
21/09 Termokiss, Pristina (Kosovo)
22/09 Dom Omladine, Kragujevac (Serbia)
23/09 Discont DIY, Sombor (Serbia)
24/09 Stara škola, Novi Marof (Croatia)
25/09 Metal Klub EKS, Split (Croatia)
26/09 TBA
27/09 Cox18, Milan (Italy)
28/09 Csoa Spartaco, Rome (Italy)
29/09 (14:00) Arci Ombriano, Crema (Italy)
29/09 (20:00) Grind House, Padova (Italy)
30/09 Betong & Stahlpark EXSSO, Basel (Switzerland)
01/10 P8, Karlsruhe (Germany)
02/10 Elastic Bar, Strasbourg (France)

03/10 La Makhno, Geneve (Switzerland)
04/10 Les Triplettes Social Club, Ambérieu-en-Bugey (France)
05/10 Raymomd Bar, Clermont Ferrand (France)
06/10 Le Farmer, Lyon (France)
07/10 Le Molotov, Marseille (France)
08/10 Pub London Tavern, Nîmes (France)
09/10 La Cave a Rock, Toulouse (France)
10/10 TBA, Barcelona (Spain)
11/10 TBA, Palma (Spain)
12/10 Pub Terra, Castellon de la Plana (Spain)
13/10 Kasablanka 2.0, Murcia (Spain)
14/10 Zona Rock, Almeria (Spain)
15/10 CSA Las Vegas, Malaga (Spain)
16/10 Sala Hollander, Seville (Spain)
17/10 Rrusstik Bar, Olhão (Portugal)
18/10 Disgraça, Lisbon (Portugal)
19/10 Fora De Rebanho, Viseu (Portugal)
20/10 Barracuda, Porto (Portugal)
21/10 TBA, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
22/10 Rockbeer Thenew, Santander (Spain)
23/10 TBA, Madrid (Spain)
24/10 La Grulla, Arrecife (Spain)
25/10 Aguere Cultural, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
26/10 Adrenaline Heavy Metal Pub, Las Palmas (Spain)
27/10 TBA
28/10 Mogambo, Donostia (Spain)
29/10 Secret Place, Poitiers (France)
30/10 Michelet, Nantes (France)
31/10 TBA, Rennes (France)
01/11 TBA
02/11 Puzzle Pub, Tours (France)
03/11 Espace B, Paris (France)
04/11 TBA, Aalst (Belgium)
05/11 TBA
06/11 AZ, Wüppertal (Germany)
07/11 MTS LP’s CD’s, Oldenburg (Germany)
08/11 Thav, Hildesheim (Germany)
09/11 Rockpool, Halle (Germany)
10/11 TBA

Little side note: Hexis described their hometown on their Facebook page as: Europe. Looks like they are at home everywhere they play.

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